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Motivational Speaker

The cosmopolitan Louis Palmer has been traveling the world as a keynote speaker since 1995. As an internationally acclaimed speaker and presenter, he is able to connect with his audience while simultaneously creating  awareness about what drives today’s economic issues and politics.

Thanks to his fascinating journeys around the world, he has become a pioneer and scout in the field of renewable energy, sustainable mobility and innovation. His dynamic lectures carry many themes. From the inspirational vision of a small boy, to the rise of a pioneer who has supported numerous development projects, to the ambassador of a sustainable awareness movement that stands up for a high standard of sustainability for life now and in the future.

What is merely a dream for others, Louis made into a successful reality through his first worldwide trip in a solar powered car. Like a pioneer, Palmer built a solar powered vehicle in 2006 and took it on a spectacular 18 month journey around the world. This trip was followed with huge interest by the international media and became his source for numerous impressive experiences as he experienced passionate adventures all over “Planet Earth”. As a result Louis Palmer’s message has reached an enormously broad audience worldwide.

In his lectures about key topics, Louis Palmer is representing himself in the popular genre of infotainment. On the one hand he is able to fascinate the audience with his storytelling mixed with an extraordinary sense of humor. At the same time he will inspire and motivate the crowd with his wealth of experience.

With his key message, Louis Plamer is able to show innovative strategies in a meaningful way, which, if followed in a brave and distinctive manner, can reveal the true resources and hidden potential that are necessary for success.

In his entertaining yet informative shows, Palmer packages the messages in professional lectures complemented with music, video and live recordings.

Each presentation will be created to correspond with the requirements of the host event regarding the topic and length to make it a great experience!