Content: The Story


1982: A childhood dream
When Louis Palmer was an 11 year old boy he had a dream: “As a grown up I will travel around the world in a solar car!”

2007 - 2008: Around the world on solar power
Then, 20 years later he dedicated his work to motivating people to think about and do their part to save the planet.Without any personal financial resources he set off to make his childhood dream come true.

Universities, more than 200 individuals and and many companies support him building the “Solartaxi”.

Driving more than 54.000 km and crossing 38 country lines he maintains the draw of media focus around the world.

When his journey is almost cut short by a traffic accident while traveling through India, Louis Palmer does not give up his search for solutions for a more sustainable world.


  • In Jordan he learns from Prinz Hassan that an area of 240 x 240 km would be enough to supply solar energy for the entire world.

  • In New Zealand he discovers a geothermal power plant that produces clean energy day and night.

  • China even welcomes the Solartaxi on a red carpet. he finds that the country is investing in green technology wherever possible.


2010 - 2011: in 80 days around the world
Soon after his return, Louis Palmer starts organising his next project: The Zero Emissions Race 2010. Three solar powered electric vehicles from Australia, Germany and Switzerland travel around the world in exactly 80 days and prove: electric cars are powerful, reliable and clean!

But his commitment doesn't stop there - he now is the tour director of the “World Advanced Vehicle Expedition. Whether discussing houses made from straw or cool houses that don’t require air conditioning, Louis Palmer illustrates that our planet already provides many solutions.


2013: the WAVE
His latest project is to put together world’s biggest rally for electric vehicles, the WAVE - World Advanced Vehicle Expedition. Also he is setting up a bus company with an electric bus.